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Welding Hats & Du Rags

BoneCaps Welding Hats are made from 100% cotton in medium to heavy weight cotton. The hats are lined 6 panel hats with a band and a long or short bill. The cotton fabrics are pre-washed before they are sewn to preshrink the cotton fabrics. The bills or brims of the hats are lined with 100% cotton batting and a medium weight 100% cotton denim. The bill/brim lengths are 2", 2 1/2", 3", and 4" inches in length.  The bills/brims are offered in soft or stiff bills. The crowns of the welding hats are 5 1/2", 6", 61/2", 7", 7 1/2", 8", or 10" crowns.  The welding hats are offered in assorted prints and solids. I offer different styles of hats in 4 panel, and different 6 panels without a band. The 6 panel hats without a band are topstitiched to appear to look like they have a band but they do not have a band. The 4 panel hat does not have a band either. It appears to have a band by the topstitching but it does not have an actual band on the hat for the 4 panel hats. Please email me with any questions you may have @ virtualcyberrags@gmail.com. I reply to your inquiries as quickly as I can. I am currently working to add more products to my site so check often for new listings in hats and du rags.  Thank you for visiting BoneCaps Welding Hats and Du Rags!  Rhonda

I now offer Flame Retardant in Sold Black for a Solid Black Hat or for lining of your hat/s. Please specify in coments if you would like the Flame Retardant Black as liner for your hat/s or when you order hat/s from the Solids selection.

The Du Rags are made from 100% single layer cotton with an optional terry lined band. One Size fits most  in head measurements of 22-24" in the Du Rags with the X-Large size offered as well. The Du Rags have a long or short tail. You can place a custom order for your Du Rags if you would prefer by contacting me at virtualcyberrags@gmail.com. When you Buy 6 Du Rags you will recv a 7th Do Rag for free.